Moving A Photographic Business

As if it’s not tough enough starting a professional photography business, try moving one!

That’s exactly what Gemma Lovett-Hume did early in 2015.

Why Did You Move Your Business?

Husband David is very supportive – well, anything to get “that” picture!

So, I asked Gemma what it was like. She had been established in Northumberland for a good number of years. She was well known on the luxury wedding circuit in the area and got most of her business via referral.

So, in late 2014 a decision that might seem strange was taken…to up sticks and move to the Oxfordshire countryside.

So, why then Gemma?

“Well, if I’m honest, I wanted somewhere that was a bit more welcoming to take wedding pictures”, she smiles.

Her warmth and very left field sense of humour shine through.

“It was all a bit ” ecky thump” up there”, she laughs.

More Opportunity

“Seriously though, I’d started to move into doing destination shoots and being in Northumberland just wasn’t conducive to to where I was going with my business. There were also far better opportunities for David (her husband) in and around Oxford. So, we made what was quite a tough decision and moved”.

I can see that destination wedding photography is better served in the South East, but what about the incredible referral base for home weddings that you had built up in the North East?

“Yes, interesting point that”!

Big Decision

“I knew I was giving a lot away, David and I discussed this at length. We obviously took into account the increased opportunity for him in going South as well. However, most of my other “high end” (she makes a la-de-dah gesture) photographer friends were in the South and, when one of us books a big wedding we do joint shoots. So, I knew I would be kept busy to at least a fair degree”.

Would that hav e been enough busines though?

Mansion Photographic Shoots

“Absolutely not, but the destination wedding photography side of the business was building well and I hired an SEO expert to get me ranked in Google for the more local keywords. I did my first wedding shoot at Blenheim Palace last week. How amazingly cool is that place? I absolutely loved it”.

The entusiasm pours out of her.I comment how good it is to see someone who clearly loves what they do.

“Wouldn’t do it otherwise” comes the curt reply as she flutters her eyelids!

“I do absolutely love taking pictures, though. It’s been my life and I wouldn’t have been as happy doing something else. I just adore it when I get that perfect shot”.

The Perfect Picture

What is the perfect shot?

She laughs out loud, “There are so many different things that can make a shot perfect. Sure there is the light, the angle, the settings on the camera, but putting all that aside, for me, it is the emotion. If I capture that nano second where the picture says it all Ive done my job”.

But what about the fact that wedding photos are supposed to be a memento of the big day?

“Oh, absolutely, and the bride and groom want to remember who was there and see Aunt Nelly with Uncle Brian and Mum and Dad similing proudly. They want to remember the friends that shared their wedding day with them. But, if you ask a newly wed couple what’s their favourite picture….it willbe the one with the true love in the eyes, the one where they are caught unawares sharing an intimate moment, or laughing together. Those are the pictures that end up on the mantle piece and as screen savers and profile images on  Facebook”, she smiles again…

…”yes I know social media”!

So, when all is said and done, you enjoy what you do?

“Indeed, I couldn’t think of anything better than being a wedding photographer in Oxford“.

Gemma- thank you for your time and insignts.

You can find Gemma’s website with great examples of her work at Gemma Lovett Hume Photography


Your Wedding Requires Perfect Photographs

bride-with-veil-wedding-photoThe wedding is the most important event of your life and it needs to be cherished accordingly. You will also have other events, and those will also be important, but not one of them will be like the wedding. Because of this, you need to make sure that everything is perfect, starting with the list of guests and finishing with the honeymoon.

Among all those things that you have to consider for your wedding, don’t forget to insert the professional wedding photographer, as this is the only way that you will remain with more than just simple thoughts and memories about it.

photographer_mascot_by_zaratusIt’s very important to hire a professional photographer, due to different reasons. Here are some of them:

You Want Perfect Photos

It is true that anyone can take a photo, but only a professional wedding photographer will know how to capture those perfect images. A photographer will use professional techniques and cameras, so you will receive perfect images. It would be a shame to enjoy the wedding and once this is over, to see that all your pictures are blurred or you can’t see anything in them. It’s more than just a simple camera, as you also need experience from a photographer.

You Need Experience

orcas_island_wedding_photographer_9Yes, this is one of the other important tips for wedding photographs. An experienced photographer will have at least a dozen of weddings in his or her portfolio. They usually know how the event unfolds and they will be prepared to capture all the important moments. This is something that you need, because a beginner or someone without experience won’t know where to look and what to shoot.

You Won’t Worry

Wedding-1942If you hire professional services for your photographs, you won’t have to worry about what could happen in case something goes wrong. A professional will always carry an extra camera, extra batteries and they will also have a backup team that is ready to intervene. This is because some things can change, but you will still receive what you have asked for.

They Know the Routine

As in any other event, the professional photographers know how the event unfolds. This means that you won’t have to remind him or her where the ceremony takes place or where the party will be. They will have the schedule of the wedding already, and they will be prepared to move from one location to another without questioning you.

TheCookWeddingApart from this, they also have experience in working with large numbers of people. For example, you will need a family photograph, with both families near you and your spouse. They will be able to gather you all around a central focus point and make you look the most beautiful. It’s very important that they are diplomats about dealing with many ,,happy,, people, as the wedding is an event with plenty of beverage.

They Will Show Up

If you choose to hire someone else to make the photos of your wedding, don’t always expect him or her to show up. Some people are simply unreliable, even if they have promised you to come and take pictures for your wedding. You don’t want to regret this ycog874Xidecision for the rest of your life, so this is one of the most important reasons why you should ask for professional photography services.

They Will Offer You a Contract

This is also important, as the contract should contain all the things that you have agreed on. Make sure that the contract contains everything from the number of photos, to the time or arrival, location and other things that you are interested in. A professional photographer with a great portfolio will offer all these things to you, without you having to ask for it. It’s part of what makes them professionals in the first place.